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About Us

Addressing Racial Inequity & Building Community

Hate-Free Schools Coalition is a grassroots alliance of community members and groups working toward racial equity. We first came together with the mutual goal of banning the Confederate flag and other symbols of hate in our local school district in Orange County, North Carolina. Now we are a national organization dedicated to achieving equity in public schools and communities
throughout the nation.

Our coalition grew over an eight-month battle to ban the Confederate flag in Orange County Schools. Along the way, we built a collective through organic and rich conversations about race, and how race impacts all sectors of our community. This spurred multiple initiatives and campaigns strategically designed to address racial inequities.

This movement is constantly growing and evolving through direct community action. As we learn about racial inequity through purposeful engagement with our community, we are continually striving to eliminate barriers for and empower communities of color. As a result of our accomplishments in Orange County, other communities have sought our advice and collaboration.


Our Mission

Banning the Confederate flag and other symbols of hate in public schools

Championing for racial equity in our schools

Raising the racial consciousness of communities

Sharing a model for demanding change and equity for communities

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Our Inspiration

We recognize that eliminating the symbols does not end racism or promote equality; therefore, we are committed to using our work to serve as a springboard to the deeper work of creating healthy environments for learning and adopting a more nurturing, equitable environment where students of color can thrive.