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Monday, August 26 School Board Meeting

At this Monday’s meeting, our school board will be discussing the reassignment proposal that will primarily affect children attending Hillsborough Elementary and Central Elementary.  You can read more about the reassignment proposals here under Section IX ("Reassignment Update").

We feel that of the three options presented, only one (Option 3) is viable, and that it directly violates the Equity Policy put forth last year.  We are also concerned that the current proposal does not include a plan to conduct a true racial equity analysis of the prospective reassignments. 

We are asking you to attend the meeting tomorrow night to speak out on this issue. We understand that our community is still reeling from the presence of the Ku Klux Klan in downtown Hillsborough on Saturday. While seeing Klansmen in hoods is startling, it is the same vein of white supremacy that is upheld by racist school board policies and proposals. The effects that these potential changes to our school assignments could have on Black and brown students are undeniable. Remember: White Supremacy isn't the shark; it is the water

If you are able to join us in holding our school board officials accountable, the board meeting is Monday, August 26th at 7 p.m. at A.L. Stanback Middle School. Please make sure you arrive early so that you can get signed up to speak, if you wish.