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Hate-Free Action

Banning the Confederate Flag and Other Symbols of Hate

Hate-Free Schools Coalition formed in 2016 to lead a community push to ban the confederate flag and other symbols of hate and alienation, from Orange County Schools. We are continuing this work beyond our school district to help ensure a safe environment for every child.


North Carolina
State-Wide Ban

We are in the process investigating ways that we can institute the ban we fought for in Orange County statewide.

Ban Assistance

We have assisted people in several other school districts mobilize their community to demand a ban of the Confederate flag. Learn more about how Hate-Free Schools can assist you in developing a plan to empower people in your district.

Why ban the flag?


Few Talked About Race at This School. Then a Student Posted a Racist Slur.

June 7, 2019​

Teenagers flirt on social media. They pour out their souls. And all too often, in an era of viral videos, they show off their intolerance when it comes to race.

Hate in Schools: An In-Depth Look

August 6, 2018

Swastikas on bathroom stalls. Chants of 'Build the wall.' Notes that say 'Go back to Mexico.' Education Weekfound hundreds of reports of hate and bias in schools.

Hate in the Hallways

Issue 49, Spring 2015

Recognizing the history of defamatory symbols can help schools see fewer of them.